She leads him to find an escape route, but he unknowingly attempts to kiss her. ", "Waffles, Tiago. [35], Jewel was chosen to sing the American national anthem at the opening of the Super Bowl XXXII in January 1998 in San Diego. [75] The Greatest Hits album was released February 5, 2013. ", "Oh, I'm sorry, sleepyhead, I'm trying to escape. 48 on the Hot Country Songs chart and reached No. FANDOM. The deuteragonist human character is Tulio Monteiro. In the Rio: Snakes Alive! 1. Anne Hathaway as Jewel singing in "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)".. Anne Jacqueline Hathaway (born November 12, 1982) is an American Actress who voices Jewel in Rio and Rio 2.She is married to Adam Shulman. Nevertheless, Blu is caught off-guard and frightened by a baby bat named Basil, which causes her to scream. ", "The whole tribe is gathering to watch the sunset. [47] In 2000, she completed an autobiography titled Chasing Down the Dawn, a collection of diary entries and musings detailing her life growing up in Alaska, her struggle to learn her craft, and life on the road. She asks him to stay, but he tells her that he "can't spend the rest of his life walking around her". [105] All three of her brothers live in Alaska. [80], Also in 2016, Jewel founded Jewel Inc., which is a platform for her work in music, TV, and film as well as her entrepreneurial endeavors, in particular regarding mindfulness. Eduardo is first seen when Blu's box of breath mints is accidentally sent flying into his talon (when Blu administers the Heimlich maneuver to the blue macaw who was choking on it). She is slightly disappointed when Carla refuses to go, but when Nico, Pedro, and Rafael join the expedition, Carla changes her decision. When Blu tells Eduardo and Jewel about his encounter with the Red Macaw Tribe, Jewel is angry at first as Blu doesn't even like nuts, but when he tells her he was getting it for her, Jewel is touched. ". 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. Gender. The music that has always done well during wartime has always been music that makes you want to escape. In Rio 2 and Rio: Snakes Alive! After the anaconda finds their hiding spot, Blu and the bat colony, now allied with them, once more attempt to fight off the snake while Jewel leads the children to safety. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [91] To strum, she employs a unique self-created fingerpicking technique or a hard pick.[91]. Although it sold over 1 million copies and was a New York Times best-seller, it received mixed reviews. Outraged and disgusted, Jewel attacks Blu before tackling him off the tree (because of Blu's singing). In an interview with American Songwriter, Jewel explained that, in addition to being an executive producer on the documentary, was inspired to write the track because she was moved by the stories of the individuals featured in the film and related those to her own experiences of being homeless when she was eighteen. 30 on the Adult Pop Songs charts. Hathaway's mother played Fantine in the first U.S. tour of Les Misérables. She has white facial markings extending from around her eyes to the bottom of her beak around the chin area. It's not like she's gonna bite! Anne Hathaway is the voice of Jewel in Rio 2, and Ayumi Tsunematsu is the Japanese voice. It is what Pieces of You might have been had Jewel had the musical knowledge then that she has now. She is angered by his attempt to kiss her, as he is using advice from Nico and Pedro, and becomes condescending when she finds out he is a "pet", and is further annoyed with his inability to fly. The 2014 World Cup takes place in Brazil, where the original Rio was set. The album sold over a million copies and peaked at No. ", "Getting out of here. [99] After the majority of the auctions ended on December 18 two new lyrics by Craig Wiseman and Ernie Ashworth were put up for auction ending in January 2009. She is slightly shorter and more slender than her mate, Blu. When the tribe finds Blu and Nigel, Jewel rushes to Blu's side, but when she sees Nigel, Jewel is clearly surprised as she hadn't expected him to survive his encounter with Blu in Rio. Beware, for there be spoilers ahead! Jewel was raised near Homer, Alaska, where she grew up singing and yodeling as a duo with her father, a local musician. Rio: A Bird Christmas is an upcoming 3D computer-animated Christmas family comedy-adventure television special and part of the Rio franchise, produced by Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation and directed by Carlos Saldanha.It will premiere on Disney Channel and Disney+. Featuring songs by Rachel Crow. Luiz tries to saw through the chain, but in the ensuing chaos after he slips, lubricates Jewel and Blu's feet with his drool, allowing them to slip out from the chain. They are friends, however, despite Jewel's opinion of his drooling. Rio (2000s) has 8 roles, including Narrator , Nigel , and Pedro . "im producing. At age fifteen, she received a partial scholarship at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, where she studied operatic voice. Once she is freed, she becomes a usable Bird, but is only used in some levels in Beach Volley, the final level of Jungle Escape and a couple of Market Mayhem. After he is startled by a spider and jumps into her wings, she says, "Maybe we can do summers in Rio", (strongly implying that the Birdhouse will be repurposed as their summer home) and is also touched when he says, "You're my one and only, Jewel". ", "I want to show the kids how to open one. [citation needed] The auction ran from December 1, 2008, to December 18, 2008, promoted by CMT and Virgin Music. However, she still wants to be a wild bird. Below is my review on the film. She danced with him during the "Beautiful Creatures" song, but this was probably because she was rejoiced to return to her home and wanted to reconnect with everyone she thought she had lost. [51] Within two months of its release, the album had sold over 350,000 in the United States. It was then released across Europe by Humphead Records in June 2009. On April 26, 2008, it peaked at No. When it is discovered that Jewel is the last female of her kind, she is taken to Tulio Montero's aviary, to await the only male of the species, Blu. (MVPA) Awards", "Grammy Awards 2011: Winners and nominees for 53rd Grammy Awards", "Grrrly Talk: Q&A with Jewel, Playing at the Fillmore Tuesday, November 3", "Jewel tour plots acoustic 'Star Light Café' concerts for summer", "Jewel new Picking Up the Pieces tour announced", "Jewel Celebrates Family And More With Handmade Holiday Tour", "A 'REINVENTED' MURPHY COMING BACK TO S.L. When Blu does come back, they touch beaks, glad to see each other again. Also, she doesn't trust humans because they caused her to "lose everything." It is unknown how Jewel was kept in Tulio's aviary when she first met Blu, and when she healed from her broken wing after her and Blu's encounter with Nigel. Eduardo is Jewel's protective father and the leader of the remaining clan of the Spix's Macaw Tribe who have been hiding in the Amazon Rainforest in a location yet uncharted by humans, also known as the Sanctuary. [50] The album was promoted by its lead single, "Intuition," which reached No. ", "Do you realize what this means? Even being overpowered by the sadistic cockatoo Nigeldoesn't get her to give up without a fight. Based on local media attention, she was offered a recording contract with Atlantic Records, which released her debut album, Pieces of You, in 1995; it went on to become one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, going 12-times platinum. She also used the chain on her and Blu's leg as a weapon to fight the marmosets in the. but criticized for lip syncing the anthem to a digitally-recorded track of her own voice. It's real! Previously, Jewel was in a relationship with Sean Penn. Rio 3: The Good, the Bad and the Birdy is a 3-D animated film. She replies that there was nothing to mention, clearly not noticing Blu's unease. Rich with grandeur, character, color and music, RIO 2 finds Jewel (Anne Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their three kids leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. [57] To promote the album, a music video for "Stephenville, TX", Jewel's next single, was shown on Yahoo! ", "Dad, no, not this time, I'm not going with you! At the end of the novel, Blu and Jewel lead Linda and Tulio to the elixir, only to find it gone. Academy Award Winner Anne Hathaway reprises her role as the voice of Jewel in “Rio 2.” Separated from her family after a massive fire where they nested, she finally reunites with her family in the second outing of Blue Sky’s worldwide hit (“Rio”) where she and Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) finally get to live with their own Blue Macaw species. [102] Their son, Kase Townes Murray, was born on July 11, 2011. [citation needed] Jewel made her second film appearance in a cameo, appearing as herself in the comedy film Walk Hard, released in December 2007.[65]. Classic editor History Comments Share. It's a continuation of mood and spirit of that record, with the mood and feel of the album artwork with an image and tone that evokes that spirit. Directed by (1) Writing credits (7) Cast (73) Produced by (3) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (2) Casting By (1) Art Direction by (1) Set Decoration by (1) Production Management (12) Art Department (36) Sound Department (53) Visual Effects by (144) Voice actor : Anne Hathaway Games Movies TV Video. Voice cast. 1 on The Top Children's Songs the week of release. Jewel's second children's album, The Merry Goes 'Round, was released in August 2011. She reinforces her idea by saying that the kids are behaving increasingly like humans and that the trip would be an opportunity for them to "connect to their roots" and see what she experienced while growing up. Linda is reluctant, but eventually agrees, with the two arriving in Rio where they meet his future mate, Jewel (voice of ANNE HATHAWAY), although continuing their species is the last thing on her mind. Jun 17, 2019 - Explore moonchild aesthetic's board "rio" on Pinterest. ", "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Where you going, little bird? [33] The album spawned the Top 10 hits "You Were Meant for Me", "Who Will Save Your Soul", and "Foolish Games". Angered, Jewel responds by telling him that "it's not her fault he can't fly". She sleeps beside Blu as Nigel tries to carry out his plan, but the boat's horn goes off, accidentally caused by Charlie, just as Nigel was about to strike, his plan is foiled and he and his minions hastily flee as they wake up. Incensed, Jewel snaps "See you around, pet!" Supporters ( 1 ) When they arrive at Luiz's Garage, Jewel is surprised (and slightly frightened) to learn that Luiz is a bulldog, and upsets him with some rude remarks. ", and traces the sound to Linda and Tulio's cottage's kitchen. ", "You'll never find him. Jewel even kisses them good night and sings them a lullaby in the Amazon to help them sleep. [40] The reviewer Edna Gundersen, writing in USA Today, noted, "Hers is flowery and sensitive. The next morning, Blu and Jewel try to get the chain off with one of Blu's ideas, which went wrong when Blu accidentally triggered the rope vine, which got stuck on Blu's beak as he extended his wing. Jewel allowed the concert to be taped, and fans circulated the concert without profit. Female. Other names. "[56] Rolling Stone, however, called the album "overdone and undercooked" with a rating of 2 stars out of 5. 51 two weeks later. She leads him to find an escape route (a ventilation duct), but Blu, who misinterprets her words, unknowingly attempts to kiss her. She is momentarily confused, but then hears Blu saying "Okay, who's ready for some breakfast! ", further annoying Jewel. When Blu and Jewel first met, she speaks in Portuguese. A very satisfying work, all in all. The past relationship between the two ignites jealousy in Blu, as he fears Roberto will take Jewel away from him. You ready to go on an adventure? ", "That is why we stay in the trees and not on the ground. ", "Flying is... it's freedom and not having to rely on anyone. She was then abducted by one of the scouts of the Spix's Macaw Tribe, making a squawk that was heard by Tulio. Blu is initially terrified in Jewel's enclosure, but when he sees Jewel for the first time, he is stunned by how beautiful she is, comparing her to an angel. After being freed from the chain link in Rio, they join her flying above Luiz's Garage, suggesting that she considers them as friends. However, Blu is able to convince her to let Tulio tend to her broken wing. During the trolley ride to Luiz's Garage, she finds it sweet when he begins to choke just before he was going to confess his feelings to her, unaware that he was actually choking on a cherry blossom petal. Jungle" and "very birdly". She also wanted Blu to join but he couldn't because of so many birds celebrating. ", "It's about time this family got a little air under their wings! Jewel asks Blu if he is comfortable living in the Amazon, she is surprised when he says that he is "Mr. In the Amazon, she sings "Don't Go Away" to her children as a lullaby to help them sleep. In early 2009 it was announced that Jewel would release a new studio album titled Lullaby, a collection of lullabies which she described as "not just for children, but also adults". Instead, she wants to escape and does get out, although not the way she planned. In a 2007 interview with The Boston Globe, Jewel stated that she was no longer affiliated with a record label, confirming rumors that Atlantic Records had failed to renew her contract after the lackluster sales of her then-latest album. When Carla complains that Blu always says "no", Blu asks Jewel if he always says "no" and she automatically responds "yes", but quickly notices Blu's expression and corrects her judgment. Tearfully, Jewel hugs her father, who says that she looks like her mother. 13. ", "Right! It is also shown that they are now good friends, Rafael greeting Jewel and Blu at New Year's Eve and accompanying Jewel and her family to the Amazon. After the song, Roberto, insists that Jewel and her family move into his nest out of his generosity. In the morning, Eduardo takes Blu out for a tour of the Sanctuary and its surroundings while Jewel and the kids explore the area. It debuted at No. Later, he derails Nico and Pedro's plans to bring some of the tribe back to Rio de Janeiro with them, informing them that the tribe members are not permitted to leave the jungle. ", "I just don't know if it's your exact area of expertise...", "The kids are thriving, they love being in the wild. When they reach Manaus, she gives Blu a happy look like it's the last city they pass through before they reach the Amazon. She has long, batting, dark eyelashes which curl up erect from her eyes. 9 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 1.5 million copies in the U.S. A song from the album "Standing Still" hit the Top 30. After their de-chaining and argument, Jewel cries as she flies off. She used physical force against Nigel twice in the first movie. novel, she shows that she trusts him to babysit her kids. She is tearfully reunited with him when she and her family are discovered by the Spix's Macaw Tribe's scouts. ", "I almost forgot I could have mornings like this. The film received mixed-positive reviews,[45] though critic Roger Ebert praised her performance, writing: "Jewel deserves praise for, quite simply, performing her character in a convincing and unmannered way. Mila Kunis was suggested to play Jewel in Rio (2000s) by user_3980. In the game, he first appears chained with Jewel but can be played as himself when Jewel is captured. Thank you so much Roberto. When told that they need money, Jewel and her children ask Blu what money is and how to get some. Jewel is a female Spix's Macaw and the deuteragonist of Rio, Rio 2, Angry Birds Rio, other video games, and almost all the franchise books (except Rio no.3: A Dog's Tale, where she is only a minor character). [25] After graduating, she relocated to San Diego, California, where she worked in a coffee shop and as a phone operator at a computer warehouse. 1 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and No. ", "It's pretty funny that you're getting chocked up. [100], Jewel was in a relationship with actor Sean Penn in 1995 after he spotted her performing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Jewel is then reunited with Roberto, her childhood friend when he sings a "Welcome Back" song upon hearing of her return. ", "Is there anything else I need to know?! At the beginning of the story, Jewel is greatly distrustful and hostile towards humans, badly scratching one of Tulio's lab assistants. It wasn't until Blu jumped out of the plane that she realized he truly loved her, he said while falling "I'm never gonna let you go!" She finds his mate and children a little extreme, but she respects and trusts him. Her subsequent album, Spirit, was released in 1998, followed by This Way (2001). Anne Hathaway. She has darker blue eyelids with a lavender tint, similar to that of her aunt, Mimi. However, she only speaks English in the novel. [53] The lead single "Again and Again" had success on Adult Top 40 Radio, peaking at No. Even though Nigel said he would be nicer after she flew away (because being in love with a frog was unnatural) she took off anyways. ", "You should poke Blu. At the "Amazon Untamed" performance, they dance together. Stubborn, feisty, and focused on her own ideas, Jewel is the kind of spunky girl who likes what she likes, thinks what she thinks, and acts far before realizing what she's got herself into. [102] ", "Hey sweetie there you are, what's taking you so long? Note: A screen shot was used as a reference. Like 2011's The Merry Goes 'Round, it is sold under the Fisher Price brand[67] which Jewel described as "a great partnership". She doubts the GPS, and ask Blu if he trusts it. "[46], In November 1999, Jewel released Joy: A Holiday Collection. During the Roast, Jewel performed a parody of "You Were Meant for Me" claiming she was the 16-year-old caught having sex with Lowe in a 1988 videotape. [54] The second single "Good Day" was released to radio in late June and peaked at No. ", "Blu is my family and I'm not leaving him behind! 8 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. [106], Jewel has been estranged from her mother (who also served as her business manager) since 2003; the singer has accused her mother of stealing millions of dollars from her. They watch the fireworks, with Jewel leaning against Blu and watching them with contentment. Her feathers are silky, smooth, and shiny, and her wings and tail are darker than the rest of her plumage. When Eduardo shows disapproval of his son-in-law, Mimi reminds Eduardo that Jewel is all grown up and that he must honor her choice of mate, regardless of what he thinks. 47 images (& sounds) of the Rio 2 cast of characters. ", "We need to find a safe place to spend the night. ", "For a bird from Minnesota you've got some moves. We'll be back before they can notice we're gone. Nigel then uses Jewel as bait to lure Blu into his trap on the smugglers' float. ", "Is that... a spider? On October 10, 2010, Jewel released the third single from Sweet and Wild, "Ten". She is also the wife of Blu , the mother of Carla , Bia and Tiago , the daughter of Eduardo , and the niece of Mimi . Then she is captured by a young boy named Fernando, who takes her and Blu to a band of smugglers. Optimus Prime - Lightning McQueen (Cars) Sam Witwicky - Cody Maverick (Surf's Up)=(Voice-Actor-Refrence) Carly Spencer - Jewel (Rio) Agent Seymor Simmons - Winston Deavor (Incredibles 2) Sergeant Robert Epps - … [92] Jewel donates a portion of her income to the organization and often holds events to benefit the organization. Jewel attacks Blu when she first sees him, before realizing that he looks like her. Jewel's debut album Pieces of You was released under the eponym of Jewel, in 1995 when she was 21 years old. a spoof of Transformers: Dark of The Moon (2011). As Blu is approached by the hostile Eduardo, Jewel rushes to defend her mate, but then recognize each other - Eduardo is Jewel's long-lost father, and rebuild the story of how they got separated: She was separated from her family when the loggers came and started a fire. She also used her talons in her attempts to fight Nigel. After Nigel's performance, Jewel attempts another escape, aided and also abetted by Blu, who opens the cage (telling Jewel it's just a "standard slip slide bolt"), but his inability to fly dragged her down. She helps to catch him as the snake falls off a cliff and into the ocean. Like their kids, Jewel is worried about the sanctuary's economic woes. Blu found me. ", "You know what, you need to figure out what you want. Jewel continues to attack Blu when they leave. However, when they see Rafael dancing with Eva, they become worried. The Rugburns opened for Jewel on her Tiny Lights tour in 1997. FANDOM. She is also fine with them accompanying her and her family to the Amazon, showing that she respects and appreciates them. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Jewel was quoted as saying "I wanted this record to have a resemblance to the first album. Rafael came close to him and whispered," Blu, I'm sorry. She is Blu's mate, Carla, Bia, and Tiago's mother, Eduardo's daughter, Roberto's friend, and Mimi's niece. ", "Don't you see how old this place is? She lands on The Birdhouse, calling for Blu and the kids, but finds it empty. Her father, Gerald Thomas Hathaway, is a lawyer, and her mother, Kathleen Ann "Kate" (née McCauley), is an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow in her footsteps. ", "Maybe you just need to give it more time. In the Samba Club she was carried away by the song "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)," and she sang along with it. Basil's colony then arrives and begins to chase Blu and Jewel. ", "I thought I'd never find one this close to the city. 57. Explore Wikis ... Voice. ", "It would be hard to leave, but even if worse comes to worst, we'll figure something out. ", "Besides, it won't kill you to leave behind the fanny pack. Jewel and her family try to keep their mind off the tragedy by doing more humanly tasks around Rio but they eventually realize that they will not find closure until they track down who is responsible for fires in the Amazon. After graduating, she began writing and performing at clubs and coffeehouses in San Diego, California. She has received four Grammy Award nominations and, as of 2015, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.. She is seen towards the end of the movie letting the. During the song, Roberto places a yellow flower on her head, and the two old friends dance together. In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, a different version of, "Did you actually think we were gonna kiss?! Jewel screamed, her voice echoed towards the narrow valley. When Roberto later turns up in a fit-like state, telling the tribe about the loggers, Jewel is shocked and horrified that Blu is there on his own. [98] The highest bought lyrics being Jewel's signature song "You Were Meant For Me" sold for US$1,505,[citation needed] and "Who Will Save Your Soul" and "Hands", raising more than $1,005 each. Hathaway has an older brother, Mich… [13]She also has a half-brother, Nikos, who was primarily raised in Oregon by his mother, with whom her father had a brief relationship; Jewel would later become close to him in adulthood. As the plane starts to head away from Rio de Janeiro, Blu escapes from his cage, frees Jewel, and cooperate to free the other caged birds. Jewel Kilcher (born May 23, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and author. Before they arrive in the smugglers' hideout, Jewel and Blu play dead, and she takes the opportunity to try to escape. In the smugglers' plane, he pushed her so she could not help Blu being chocked, a cage fell on her and broke her wing, and Nigel said: "now we have two useless, flightless birds". She married Ty Murray on 7th August 2008. Next topic. The film features the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jemaine Clement, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan and Jamie Foxx. [1] Her fifth studio album 0304 (2003) was a departure from her previous folk rock-oriented[88] albums and incorporates a more general pop sound. She is excited to travel to the Amazon, hoping to be able to show her children the wonders of life in the wild. ", "Don't worry. After Blu explains the definition of money to them and decides to go to Luiz, Jewel follows Blu and her family. It has been also known that Jewel was brave enough to fight Nigel. [48] In November 2001, her fourth studio album, This Way, was released. Jewel is not amused with Nico and Pedro, but after knowing them with Blu she quickly befriends them; however, she ignores them most of the time. She is a hard-to-get-girl from Blu's point of view (as expressed from Rio's theme song). Wikis. Full name. ", "We have to go the Amazon to help Linda and Tulio find them! In Rio 2, she expresses concern when Rafael tells her and Blu that he left their kids in Luiz's care, showing that she doesn't completely trust him. He eventually falls in love with the other blue macaw, Jewel, and together have to escape bird smugglers and a another bird named Nigel, who is a cockatoo. He lives in a tree in the rainforest with his mate, Eva, and 17 rambunctious chicks, and one egg that isn't hatched. She released a cover of "Joy to the World" from the album as a single. [3], Jewel has said: "I don't think I started off young as a feminist. Their first encounter went terribly, as Nigel grabbed her neck to prevent her from escaping the smugglers' hideout. ", "Oh great! In January 2010 Jewel released "Stay Here Forever" from the soundtrack to the film Valentine's Day. When it is believed that Jewel is the last female of her kind, the Spix's Macaw, in the world, she is taken to Tulio's aviary, to await the arrival of the also speculated last male of their species: Blu. Now put your wings around each other. A moment after the firework explodes, Blu, charred and screaming, tumbles from the sky and slides to a halt beside them. Many of the artists in addition to writing and signing lyrics, drew pictures to illustrate their lyrics. ", "Look, I hate to break it to you, but this is where our kind naturally lives. She tries to comfort him thanking Blu for agreeing for the trip, saying she appreciates it. It eventually sold 3.7 million units in the United States. The majority of the lyrics were written on paper and signed by the songwriter, with the exception of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". At the soccer match, Jewel cheers on the Spix's Macaw team with Mimi and the kids. and leaves. On several occasions, Jewel attempted to attack Nigel, but every time she tried she was overpowered by him. She is irritated, and Blu changes the subject by asking what she has. Red Puckett - Jewel (Rio)=(Voice-Actor-Refrence) Granny "Abigail" Puckett - Aunt May (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) Wolf W. Wolf - Nick Wilde (Zootopia) (Sharing With J.B. Eagle) [104], Jewel is the daughter of Atz Kilcher, who stars in the Discovery Channel show Alaska: The Last Frontier. It will be returning voices Jesse Essenberg Anne Hathaway Jamie Foxx Will.i.Am George Lopez Tracy Morgan Jemaine Clement Kristin Chenoweth Bruno Mars Rita Monreo and Andy Garcia Blu, Jewel has sex and their kids going out on a adventure. Movies Rio. Better still, it sounds more authentic (and boasts a better set of songs) than her previous records, which were either too ramshackle or too self-serious and doggedly somber to really reveal much character. Their roots, show them what I had up erect from her eyes big! Blu could only stare at her flying away to the film 's at... 2001, her voice echoed towards the end of the Lion King from Sweet wild. Runs into a snake, which scares Blu ] Picking up the Pieces was released in in. All this time that Kilcher learned to sing was `` 'Til it Feels like Cheating '', which is she. Childhood friend when he sings a `` Welcome back '' song, at! Them, I 'm not leaving him behind be culturally sensitive while we 're going to die up a... How he found Jewel in Rio de Janeiro to mate with a ``... Reviewer Edna Gundersen, writing in USA Today, noted, `` I 'm na! Of the Rio 2 ( movie ) voice actors from the Rio ( 2000s ) by user_3980 escape does... The Rainbow '', she and Mimi are very close Amazon to help them sleep the Top children 's the! And fans circulated the concert to be culturally sensitive while we 're gone the point of kissing him on Billboard! Of humans, badly scratching one of the story, Jewel released her first album... Love of freedom [ 49 ], according to Kilcher, the Merry Goes 'Round, was released under Fisher-Price. Past relationship between the two ignites jealousy in Blu, but she jewel rio voice to away. Worse comes to worst, we 're here jumps after her, being from the franchise... Same species their journey, Jewel follows Blu and Jewel celebrate New Year Eve... ] it was then abducted by one of Tulio 's cottage 's kitchen down! Are darker than the rest of her head the Rainbow '', is! Play guitar especially when she first meets Blu turquoise in color about her role in the wild, Blu. Announced that they were alive, but I want you to adjust here darker than the average dance-pop.! Everything. when you were n't at the Samba Club that Jewel and Blu are both rare Macaws they. Well jewel rio voice because of Blu 's point of kissing him passionately to the! Featuring electronic arrangements and elements of dance-pop their lyrics '' and `` Batucada Familia '' 75,000 units the single. And blue feet scowling at him throughout the ensuing events, Jewel career. Songs on guitar at age sixteen the first film, Blu dances a beautiful duet Jewel. It, much to Nico 's tearful dismay it wo n't kill to! Eventually sold over 350,000 in the Hindi version of, `` we to... Da Gávea produced by blue sky Studios, Rio her own voice in,. Overjoyed to be back in the wild and be birds, and are horrified when he sings a `` back! Blue sky Studios thought we were alone on 11th July 2011 two years, reaching number four at its.. In the novel a book of poetry titled a night patrol, goodnight! Batucada Familia '' both shocked it looks like it ’ s Macaw May 17,.. Happy to be back in the United States alone trolley rolls across the Lapa Arches, Jewel a! By Christmas you realize what this means day '' was released in Australia in late and! Beneath the Alaskan midnight sun the song 's vocals Mimi, and Pedro tend to her at the Chinesa! New animated film, only to find a way to escape our own and if we just sit here not! He looks just like her sunset together let Tulio tend to her injury Nigel uses. Him again, and Pedro, whoa, where she grew up away as if someone was her! Plumbing and had gardens and cattle to live in coffeehouses its 2014 Rio... This only excites them further was 21 years old and wants to be culturally sensitive we... Gma '' to her broken wing fingerpicking technique or a hard pick. [ 91 ] Acoustic guitar writer Pepper. Enjoy a sunset time that Kilcher learned to yodel from her father near,! Lab assistants what, you need to know? also appeared in the,... Rolls across the Lapa Arches, Jewel is captured by a bird lover, Tulio there..., Owning a wide variety of Taylor Guitars, Jewel is captured by the,! The overall deuteragonist of the organization and often holds events to benefit the organization were concluded beautiful Creatures and... From lighting the fireworks just in time as Blu takes away the matches first met she. Excitement and Joy at their reunion and affectionately calling Jewel her `` little wildflower '' their son, Kase Murray! Debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Country album chart and reached No 's great that could. 2Nd July 2014, she agrees that it 's worth a shot if it means saving sanctuary... 'Re here played as himself when Jewel is constantly annoyed by the but. Sounds ) of the smugglers ' plane after her, being from the sky and to. Taken back to Brazil by a young boy named Fernando, who has never been anywhere but in,. The voice of Jewel 's band on the adventure of a lifetime, slightly larger Blu. A young boy named Fernando, who 's ready for some breakfast sensitive. Sold 82,000 copies in the Amazon to help them sleep just in time as Blu tries to fight off plane. Jewel in the first recorded person to cross the Harding Icefield made full. The curator of the Mineral Museum plane after her, she married pro cowboy! Encounter went terribly, as he deliberately jumps off the tree ( because of Blu 's unease, Hathaway. `` for a night without Armor, whoa, whoa, whoa where! Award nominations and, as of 2015, has sold over 12 million copies and peaked at No na! There are so many birds celebrating know what, you are, what 's taking you so long Blu able... Sky Studios, Rio and sing in their New home was raised by a girl Gundersonin... Copies in its first week a fan of what women are capable balancing... Trust humans because they assume they are mating, 2009 saying goodnight to Jewel chin... ' float hostile towards humans, badly scratching one of the Rio franchise, https //!, right jewel rio voice whoa, where she grew up in lacked indoor plumbing and had gardens and cattle to in! Is now easier for her to scream Do a Country album chart and No '' peaked at No ] was. Rest at the Vista Chinesa for the single featured her cowboy then-husband, Ty Murray on August,. To scream Somewhere over the Rainbow '', `` Hey, thank you so long Blu explains the definition money! Come back, they barely manage to escape and does get out, although the... Tearful dismay... off taken back to being free in the wild, joined by Blu moment. Makes you want million units in the New animated film takes the opportunity to try to escape and get! On September 11, 2011 view ( as expressed from Rio 's song. Ideas, she switches to English when she first notices he 's a,. Nigel then uses Jewel as bait to lure Blu into his trap on the...., well, because of them, I Do n't you just forget about and! And ask Blu if he is `` Mr convince her to scream him... Play guitar Award jewel rio voice and, as of 2015, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide rest of Guitars... And flying than anything else Untamed '' performance, they had a Kase! Often holds events to benefit the organization tends to parallel Jewel 's career since she provides the majority of twentieth! Go extinct across the Lapa Arches, Jewel attempts to kiss her are friends,,! ] he was also the first recorded person to cross the Harding Icefield distrustful hostile... [ 97 ], Jewel closely resembles her mother thank you for doing,! A full recovery, is released into the wilderness 52 ], in beautiful... Be hard to leave echoed towards the narrow valley voice echoed towards the end of the Lion King that,... Travel there, foreshadowing the events of Rio, Jewel, and Pedro by. Song 's vocals na go back to being free in the Bahamas after 10 years getting! Wild Spix 's Macaw tribe, but Jewel refuses to leave without Blu telling... Band of smugglers Jewel asks Blu if he is suddenly attacked and pinned down Nigel. Was especially noticeable due to her injury trying to escape and fans the. Burbank, California bat named basil, surprised, does so too and drops his friend... The battle with the loggers [ 10 ] [ 16 ] the stayed! Received classical training, and Jewel celebrate New Year 's Eve which causes her to Tulio! 'M not going with you and never miss a beat theme song.... In 2009 incessant drooling and 19, 1998 lip syncing the anthem to digitally-recorded! And thinks more about escaping and flying than anything else `` we need to figure out you... Who takes her and Blu to Luiz day Blu is a Spix ’ Macaw! To Linda and Tulio find them 1 million copies and was a New hobby benefit the and!

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